In this guide, you will discover the essential information on indoor wood flooring. You have a manual in your hands , which contains answers to the main questions on the topic of “parquet”. Do you want to arrive prepared for the appointment in the showroom? Start from here.

The world of wooden floors is boundless. It was impossible to tell everything in one article. In the next lines you will find the basic aspects , of vital importance hardwood floors in Duncan, OK.

Let’s go!

Types of wooden floors for interiors

On the market you will find two large families: solid parquet and pre- finished parquet .

Solid wood floors

Composed of solid wood strips , with a single block of noble wood . This means that the whole element is made up of the chosen wood species (example: oak).

The solid wood is the traditional parquet . It is also called raw wood flooring, because the (unworked) battens are finished after installation (according to your needs).

Thickness and size of the elements vary.

Solid parquet: 5 things to know

What are the basic features of this floor?

# 1: Duration

The solid wood floor has a long life . You will be able to polish it as many as you want, without ruining the aesthetics of the elements.

Mind you: many historic buildings have solid wood floors that are still beautiful and walkable.

# 2: You’re welcome

Another advantage concerns the value , even if for many people it is not very relevant. The solid wood is recognized as the parquet par excellence (the real one), which once represented the only possible choice.

# 3: Size

Third aspect is related to the size of the elements. Compared to pre-finished parquet, solid wood has reduced length and width.  This feature mainly concerns the width: to have a good stability I recommend an element of maximum 15 cm wide * (with 2 cm thickness).

# 4: Pose

The fourth aspect concerns the installation, which requires time and the intervention of an expert parquet installer . The elements are glued on joists or wooden panels (the lamparquet is glued directly on the screed).