Neurologists are one of the more medically advanced specialties. Patients typically present with minor to major neuro symptoms that necessitate consulting a neurologist for diagnosis and treatment. So how can a Neurologist assist you?


Neurologists offer consultations to detect and treat problems early. Since many specialize in specific areas, when you see a neurologist in New Jersey for something like your “headache,” she will be able to handle it as if it were her own specialty. With a Neurologist on board, you can rest assured that there is someone knowledgeable about and experienced with the issue at hand.

Diagnosis & Treatment

A neurologist will typically diagnose any abnormalities based on your medical history and physical examination alone. Once the diagnosis is made, they can discuss treatment options with you and assist in making decisions that will enhance your quality of life.

Neuro Rehab

Neuro rehab is an advanced field of medicine that works to restore function through rehabilitation and recovery. If you or a loved one has suffered a neurologic event like stroke or spinal cord injury, working closely with a neurologist is key for the best possible outcome.

Neurologic Wellness

Neurologists typically provide medications to alleviate pain and other symptoms. But you should seek the advice of a Neurologist who is knowledgeable in neurologic wellness issues such as depression or insomnia. These conditions can adversely affect your mood and daily activities; but fortunately, your Neurologist is trained in treating these conditions and advocating for good health overall.

Neurologic Assistive Devices

Neurologists can assist those with impaired mobility or other neurologic impairments in finding devices to enhance function. These may include special shoes, walker, and more.

Follow-Up Care

To guarantee you’re progressing as expected after treatment, your Neurologist will check in with you six to 12 months and again after two years to assess if additional therapy is needed.

Safety & General Health

Neurological disorders often come with additional health concerns. Most neurologists can help you recognize these so that you can make informed decisions for your wellbeing.

An Approachable Doctor

Most neurologists are friendly and approachable, likely going the extra mile to answer all your queries – not only medical ones but even those that have little to do with medicine. They’ll likely go out of their way to make sure you feel at ease during consultations as well.

Finding a Doctor You Can Trust

Neurologists tend to be very approachable people who you feel comfortable approaching about anything – including questions that have nothing to do with medicine!