Waterproof Flooring in Tampa, FL

If you have decided on carpet or vinyl to replace your room, be sure to choose from the widest and best variety of¬†waterproof flooring in Tampa, FL. With an active lifestyle, it’s not always possible to predict when a leak may occur or how long it may take for someone to take our not-so-friendly visitor raccoon. The floor is protected from spills to pets so that you can enjoy it with confidence. At Carpet Crafters Rug Company, you can choose from various rugs or vinyl floors and enjoy the luxury of fine flooring.

How the magic happens

Determining the right waterproof floor for any space can be difficult without the help of their design team. They take the time to understand your wishes and flooring requirements. They hope you have the right floor to assist you for years to come. Say goodbye to dirty floors with durable and glamorous rugs and vinyl. Contact them, and their design and flooring experts will contact you shortly. Their expert opinion will help you and guide you to finding flooring best suited for your needs.



  • Waterproof Vinyl Floors and Carpets- Carpets can be awkward if there is a threat of moisture. Therefore they offer a waterproof pad, put a towel on the dirt, and let it sit for a few minutes, and it will almost dry.
  • This is a perfect choice- For bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms that tend to be the wettest places in one’s home.
  • Extraordinarily experienced flooring installers- Even the most elegant floors can look messy if not installed correctly. Trust their experienced professionals to keep your home looking its best. They make sure your floors are installed correctly every time.
  • Value for money- Avoid expensive repair bills and choose the right luxury waterproof vinyl plank or carpet.
  • Excellent customer care service- They are very professional and amiable at responding.
  • Options and quality- Wide variety of options in flooring to match every aesthetic.

Contact Carpet Crafts Rug Company today to learn more about the waterproof flooring they offer. They are proud to serve waterproof flooring in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding area.